The Alice Independent School District Family Engagement Department held their final Parent Advisory Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 16 where they reviewed the District-Level Family Engagement Policy, and made revisions and updates. During the meeting the council thanked the parental volunteers for their countless volunteer hours.

During the meeting the Alice ISD Family Engagement Department took the time to recognize and celebrate the many volunteers that contributed their time this year at the Alice ISD campuses. The combined amount of volunteer hours for this school year totaled 6,104 hours.

Family volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation and were treated to beef nachos and plenty of desserts courtesy of the parent liaisons from each campus and the Federal Programs Department.

The Alice ISD administration and staff are extremely thankful for the dedication and commitment that these family volunteers provide. Without their support, many of the schools would not be able to provide campus events, dances, or incentives for the staff and hard-working students.

The Parent Advisory Council is lead by Leroy Garcia, president; Cora Carrillo, vice-president; Jeanette Pruneda, secretary, Marta L. Salazar, family engagement coordinator; and Sandra Smithwick, family engagement coordinator assistant.

The council also evaluated the Family Engagement Program via a parent survey that is available to all district families on the district website. They also decided on a theme for next year's Family Engagement Conference which will honor our military veterans.