For approximately 12 years, Marissa Benavides has been helping people feel better and feel pain-free.

Growing up, Benavides knew that she wanted to help. She grew up in a family where the majority of women were nurses.

Hearing the stories about nursing and how people needed help was her inspiration into the medical field.

"From the time I could remember, nursing was what I always knew I wanted to do," Benavides said. "There's so many ways and so many people that I could help."

She became a nurse in 1996 and immediately set out to help. She's worked with individuals of all ages, but she has a soft spot for the elderly.

"Working in the nursing home gives me a chance to bond with my patients. We get to know them personally," Benavides said. "Because of the stage of life they are in sometimes it gets hard, but as a nurse, and a person, you just try and make them comfortable, pain-free. Treating them like they are your mother, father or grandparent goes along way."

Regardless of the bonds she's made she also knows to be prepared for the day they are no longer under her care.

"I love what I do," Benavides stated. "Being able to make some happy and healthy is all I need to know that I've made a difference in my patient's life."

Benavides has two daughters who are also going into the medical field.