A public hearing was held Tuesday at Mary R. Garcia Elementary to discuss the option of closing down the aging campus.

Alice ISD school officials presented the idea to the school board and decided to have a public hearing where parent concerns could be addressed.

Approximately 25 parents were present for the discussion along with approximately 43 Alice ISD staff and administrators to help answer questions parents had.

Anna Holmgreen, assistant superintendent and other school officials addressed the fact that as of right now closing Mary R. Garcia Elementary is just a proposal. The school board has not determined if the school will be shut down.

Parents such as Audre Moncevais are worried about where their children will attend school next year if the campus closes. 

"I feel like its a done deal and that my voice doesn't matter," Moncevais said. "I need to prepare my twin girls for a new school. We love this school...We just want to know is it closing, yes or no?"

Principals, teachers and administrators told parents the benefits about moving their children to Noonan Elementary or Salazar Elementary.

Depending on the district zone a family lives in will determine which school their children will attend.

Holmgreen wants families to understand that if they have more than one child in the elementary those children will go to the same elementary. 

Interim Superintendent Willie Ruiz said parents will receive a letter that will let them know where their child(ren) will go to school if the school board choses to close the campus down.

Most parents went to the meeting with one thing in mind - not to shut down the school, but as they heard school officials some minds where changed.

"At the end of the day we need to do what is best for the children," said Elizabeth Benavides. "They have a greater (educational) opportunity at a different campus and it seems like they'll have fun as well."

According to the school district the reason for the possible closure is enrollment numbers have declined over the past years. Currently the campus has 177 students with only 122 of those students actually reside in the Mary R. Garcia Elementary school zone.

Another public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8 at 5:30 p.m. at Mary R. Garcia Elementary.

Comments and concerns addressed at the meetings will be taken before the school board who will determine whether or not the campus is closed for the 2018 - 2019 school year.