A clerk at a convenience store on Highway 281 told police that a man wearing a Michael Myers mask held him at gunpoint on Sunday morning, investigators said.

According to Jim Wells County Sheriff's Investigator Alan Gonzalez, 32-year-old Juan Manuel Gomez allegedly walked into the convenience store wearing the mask and demanded money. Gomez walked out of the store with an undisclosed amount of cash, got into his pickup that was parked away from the store and drove off.

Deputies immediately started canvassing the area alerting other businesses in the area about the robbery and to stay vigilant.

As deputies canvassed the area they found a witness who saw an individual driving a pickup truck with the mask on.

Within 12 hours of the robbery investigators had Gomez in custody.

According to sheriff officials, Gomez confessed to the robbery and his vehicle was impounded.

Gomez told investigators he spent all the money. Investigators recovered the items Gomez purchased with the stolen money. 

Gomez was booked into the JWC jail. He was charged with aggravated robbery.