William Adams Middle School student's National History Day project "Si Se Puede" was selected as one of two top overall projects from the Coastal Bend Region.

Marco Ruiz, a seventh grader, received the award at the National History Day State Competition held on April 27 and 28 at the University of Texas at Austin.

The theme for this years National History Day Project was Conflict and Compromise.

Ruiz's Individual Exhibit project was based on the conflict and compromise between Cesar Chavez (United Farm Workers Union-UFW) and the powerful agricultural farm owners. Cesar Chavez and the UFW used nonviolence protest and boycotts to being change to the unfair agriculture labor conditions of the farm workers.

Ruiz's history teacher Orlando Sendejo was very helpful in directing Ruiz on the project.

"(The district) would like to thank all the students and teachers for the many hours of hard work and dedication to their projects. All students should be very proud for advancing to the state competition," said AISD Interim Superintendent Willie Ruiz.

The following National History Day competitions were held:

Local - Alice ISD National History Day competition on January 2018

Regional - Coastal Bend National History Day Regional competition was held at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (John E. Conner Museum) in March 2018. First and second place projects advanced to the State competition.

State - State competition was held at the University of Texas at Austin (Bob Bullock Museum).

Alice ISD had a total of 22 students advance to the Texas National History Day State Competition.

The following students attended the state competition:

Dubose Intermediate Students:

Juan Garcia, Jaime Garza, Ezekiel Martinez, Lucas Walker and Cameron Timmons

WAMS Students:

Grabiel Silva, Cristian Trevino, Mercedes Benavides, Robyn Charles, Celeste Torres, Isabela Torres, Marco Ruiz, Shawn Chalfant, Deandra Ybarra, Allyson Cantu, Aliana Silva, Julianna Espinoza, Alejandro Villarreal, JJ Salazar and Ember Cavazos

Alice High School:

Betty-Mae Rodriguez and Jacquelyn Perez-Saenz

The following teachers/staff helped and attended the state competition:

Christina Lee - Dubose Intermediate

Becky Lutzke - WAMS

Orlando Sendejo - WAMS

Emily Smith - WAMS

Laurie Lerma - ISC