Finding people that make the world a better place is always hard, but having to let them go is even harder.

After nearly seven years at Little Lighthouse Children's Rehab Elsa Garcia Sneed has ended a chapter in her life and is venturing forward to help the smallest children with the language skills, a vital asset in life.

Sneed is an speech and language pathologist who helped make the Little Lighthouse Children's Rehab the successful place has become, according to owner Rick Perez.

"Elsa, thank you for nearly seven year of loyalty. You have given 150 percent of your integrity, quality of patient care, attention to detail have been exemplary," Perez said. "To say that we will miss you would be an underestimate. Please never forget the wonderful, positive impact you have had on the sweet children of our community. You will forever be a valued member of the Little Lighthouse family. Although we will immensely miss you we are proud that you will still be serving the children of our community through ECI. All our heartfelt love and all God's blessing on you today and always."

Sneed is headed to work with children three years and under with the Project Nino ECI program through Community Action Corporation of South Texas.

"It's time to go back and touch the lives of babies. That's my calling for now," Sneed said. "It's sad, but exciting at the same time. I have mixed emotions, but at the end of the day it's all about providing quality services for children and families in Jim Wells County."