FREER - The annual Fourth of July pageant is scheduled for May 27 in Freer. Candidates are preparing to walk the stage and compete to represent Freer as the Fourth of July royalty.

The pageant will be held at the Freer High School auditorium starting at 2 p.m. Adult admission is $7 and kids are $5.

In the Princess Division contestants are:

Ava Saavedra Adelyn Diaz Savannah Serna McKinley Guajardo Kylie Luna Rian Vela In the Little Miss Fourth of July Division are:

Destinee Diaz Loritzah Tarango Gianni Lopez Kaylee Soto Ariana Alaniz Makayla Tracy Malory Acevedo The Little Mr. Fourth of July contestants are:

Ezekiel Mejia Jayson Siprian Eli Luna Junior Miss Fourth of July contestants are:

Isabella Cano Ava Trevino Izabella Lane The Miss Fourth of July Contestants are:

Rebecca McWhirter Madison Chapa