With only a few days left for the April 17 tax deadline, the rush is on to file 2017 tax returns. So what can be done to make sure you meet the tax deadline or what needs to be done if the deadline day passes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 20 to 25 percent of Americans will wait until the last two weeks before Tax Day to prepare their taxes.

So if you are in that percentage and have put off filing your taxes till the last possible moment here are a few tips that every procrastinator can use.

Tips include:

How to get an extension to file your 2017 tax return? What if you don’t have enough money to pay the estimated taxes? What documents should be included with the tax form? What should you do if you find a mistake on your W-2 and haven’t received a corrected one yet? What are some commonly overlooked deductions? The most important thing to keep in mind is to meet the deadline or get that extension by filing a Form 4868 form to request an extension to avoid late penalties from the IRS.

According to Blackie Saenz with Blackie's Tax Services, the extension is generally for people who owe money. Those individuals should file for an extension with the IRS so they aren't penalized. The extension must have an estimate of your taxes for it to be valid with the IRS. 

Saenz says more and more people are using online versions to do their taxes, but many times they will miss deductions or reimbursements. He urges people to visit a professional so they don't cheat themselves.

Saenz is ready to help anyone with tax questions at his office located at 2041 East Main Street Suite 15.