A fight between two juveniles led officers to discover a container of Xanax pills and sent a third juvenile to the hospital.

A male juvenile and a female juvenile started a fight on school grounds on Coyote Trail. When security reviewed the video surveillance to determine exactly what occurred leading up to the fight they observed one of the suspects pass on a small container to another students who than throw the container in the trash.

According to police, the female juvenile retrieved the container from the trash and removed several Xanax pills from it concealing the drugs on her person before heading to class.

The male juvenile took the container from the girl. In the process of the ordeal a third juvenile may have consumed the Xanxax pills and had to be transported to the hospital.

The three students involved were taken into the principal's office. A fourth juvenile was sent home with his parents.

Officers were called in. A search of the classroom led to the discovery of a bag of Xanax pills hidden under a box, according to police.

The male juvenile and female juvenile who were in the fight were arrested and taken to a juvenile facility. They were charged with possession of a controlled substance.

More arrests to follow.