Name: Bryanna Davis

Parent: Serena Davis

I plan on attending Texas State University in San Marcos to further my education in the fall after I graduate from high school, and to study in the field of forensic science. 

I am a member of the One Act Play of four years, the Hosa Club for a year, a Thespian of four years, and the National Honor Society for a year. 

The best advice that I have ever received was from my grandmother, and mother. They have always told me not to worry about what others have to say or think of me.

I see myself in five years graduating from college with a degree in forensic science, and living on my own with a steady job.

If I could change one thing about the world I would change how people treat others that they don’t understand.

If I could invite any three people to a dinner, I would invite Johnny Depp because he is my favorite actor of all time, and I would just want to have a conversation with him, Tim Burton because he has such a unique style in his films, and I want to know what his creative process is, and Kurt Cobain because he was so young when he died, and I want to know what he would do if he was still alive today.


Favorite food: Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Book: Out of the Easy

Favorite Movie: The Fifth Element 

Favorite City in Texas: San Antonio 

Favorite Vacation Spot: New York City

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