Alice Fire Department celebrated “National Stop the Bleed Day” with training and new public education initiative on Thursday.

Saturday, March 31, was National Stop the Bleed Day.

Alice firefighters recognized the day by preparing for a new education program they will be offering to local businesses, civic groups and schools.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council (CBRAC) and Halo Flight to bring this life saving information to our community,” said Interim Chief Patrick J. Thomas. “Providing information to and empowering our citizens to save lives is one of the many ways we are committed to protecting our community.”

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign that trains the bystander to recognize life-threatening bleeding in someone who is injured and effectively assist that person to save a life. Studies have shown that the help given by an immediate responder can often make the difference between life and death, even before medical professionals arrive. The American College of Surgeons Committee on trauma is leading the effort to save lives by teaching individuals how to provide vital initial response to stop uncontrolled bleeding in emergency situations. The Bleeding Control Basics course gives participants the necessary tools to become an empowered initial responder.

Launched in October of 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed® is a national awareness campaign and a call to action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency…becoming the beginning of the trauma care chain of survival.

During Stop the Bleed training, individuals learn how to:

Determine if an area is safe for you to proceed toward a victim to provide assistance Identify any nearby tools to assist you such as a publicly placed bleeding control kit or everyday items that can be used to control bleeding. Use your hands to apply direct pressure at the site of the wound to stop bleeding Pack a deep wound with cloth or gauze to control bleeding Correctly apply a tourniquet to an injured limb to stop bleeding Keep the victim calm until help arrives Alice firefighters in conjunction with the CBRAC will be offering classes free of charge to any business, school, or civic group.  Arrangements can be made for them to come to your office, church, school or daycare to train your staff on this life saving technique or classes can be hosted by the fire department at one of their facilities.  

For more information or to set up a class please call 361-664-3111.