PREMONT - Premont police officers are out of the dark ages with their newly purchased ticket writers.

They no longer need to worry about writing citations on the thick ticket tablet. Now the officers carry a cell phone like device that scans in vehicle and driver information with the push of a button.

On Wednesday, officers took to the streets of Premont with their new devices for the first time. As they stopped motorists for speeding the ticket writing process sped up was the ticket writer uploaded all the information the officers would normally have to write out.

"The benefits from these devices are not only for officers but for the drivers as well," said Chief Fernando Garcia. "For one thing writing out a citation takes time. With these devices the city will also save money since they don't have to buy so many (ticket tablets). Plus, I believe, the best thing is everyone will be able to read the ticket, there's no need to worry about penmanship."

Premont pd purchased three ticket writers and the printers for approximately $2,600. Each officer will have a device when on duty and will return it to the charging station at the end of each shift.

The devices also help the chief with some reports because all the information goes straight to his computer as well as the municipal court judge will have them on file as soon as the officer giving the station presses the save button.

Garcia plans to purchase more ticket writers in the future. Despite the new technology the officers will still have the ticket tablets with them in case of technical difficulties.