On Tuesday afternoon, Alice Independent School District administration were part of an active shooter training by Alice police.

The training's purpose is to prepare administration for an unexpected event that may interrupt their daily lesson plans.

Officer David Valadez and Sgt. Daniel Elizondo with the Alice Police Department held a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events at the high school in the hopes that local teachers, administrators and school security have an understanding of things that they need to do if a school shooting should occur.

Valadez told attendees that they should know what they can do if they encounter an active shooter anywhere.

The officers showed videos and audio of different crisis situations where regular people endured with no plan of action. Attendees listened to the 9-1-1 call from the Columbine shooting of the librarian who was faced with an unfamiliar scenario.

The officers talked about the importance of Avoid, Deny and Defend when faced with an active shooter.

According to the officers, most shooters have connections to the location or the people they target.

With the Avoid, Deny and Defend strategy there is a higher risk of survival.

Avoid - Hide, take cover, try to conceal yourself from the shooter.

Second, Deny - By denying access by locking doors, turning lights off and getting out of sight. The shooter will move on.

Third Defend - If all else fails, as a person you have the right to fight for your life.

The officers explained how the shootings are not new to the nation. What is new is social media and how things are quickly broadcasted due to social media posts.

Social and news media is an asset that even law enforcement uses to inform parents.

Due to recent events in the last few months, Alice ISD and police have stepped up security at all campuses to ensure student safety.