PREMONT - The City of Premont has undergone several changes from administration to the way business is handled.

With the election of a new mayor in May of 2017 to the appointment of a new police chief in 2015, and the opening of the Premont Chamber of Commerce things are looking better.

Since Mayor Mario Rodriguez took office he has worked on many behind the scenes issues before he could get to the major issues residents were waiting to see.

Rodriguez and Police Chief Fernando Garcia got together to start addressing criminal activity as well as changes to the department.

For the first time in years the police officers have matching uniforms, have upgraded technology and are getting more involved with the community, according to Garcia.

Detective Sgt. Marcela Scott and Sgt. Jose Guerrero feel that the officer moral has changed for the better. Officers are communicating at a different level with each other and residents. Residents are confiding in the officers even when they need advise.

Garcia has ben able to make the department's Uniformed Crime Reports on a monthly bases something he says hadn't been done before that caused the department not to have access to grants.

"We can't please everyone and people need to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day," Rodriguez said. "We are changing things for a better future by having everyone working together including the community."

The small town has a big job to do with approximately 2,600 residents.

Rodriguez says that every person, in every department such as water, sanitation and city hall personnel must contribute to the town's success.

The mayor is measuring success from the residents and the new businesses popping up such as a fitness gym, a flower shop, the Jim Wells County annex and a pest control service.

"There's still a lot of work ahead of us," Rodriguez said. "but it's a step in the right direction."