Lucas Thompson, who resigned from his position as an investigator with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office in January, has filed several separate complaints against Alice police officers and the police chief.

Thompson's first complaint, submitted approximately two weeks ago, alleges that the lead investigator handling a case that involved Thompson and a "girlfriend" from December 2017 was not following law enforcement protocol, therefore not giving him an impartial investigation. He believes that the investigator is biased against him due to past issues.

In January, Thompson's "girlfriend" accused him of using his position at the sheriff's office to coerce her into a relationship. He was placed on leave without pay before resigning. Thompson has not been arrested.

Thompson also claims that the police department will not give him an impartial investigation due to an arrest he made in a separate case involving another police officer's family member.

According to JWC District Attorney Carlos Garcia, the complaint was sent to his office for review.

The separate complaints against three individual officers and the chief are due to policy violations.

According to Interim City Manager Michael Esparza, the three complaints against the officers were forwarded to the chief's office, who will investigate to the fullest extent.

Esparza will investigate the complaint against the chief and decide if an outside agency will be involved. 

According to Esparza, these types of complaints against the Alice officers do not warrant an arrest or suspension.