School officials evacuated the Alice High School campus Tuesday after a student started a small trash can fire in one of the boy's bathrooms.

At approximately 12 p.m. fire and police personnel responded to a call at the campus on Coyote Trail.

When firefighters arrived on campus the fire had already been extinguished by school personnel. Firefighters isolated the boy's bathroom as they worked to get the smoke out of the area, according to firefighters at the scene.

"Students at Alice High School were evacuated due to a fire in a student restroom. Security was notified promptly and students followed procedure to leave the building safely," said Anna Holmgreen, AISD Assistant Superintendent. 

As students waited outside for an all clear school officials and police were investigating the situation by watching surveillance video.

In the surveillance video the 15-year-old suspect was seen entering the bathroom. He stayed in the bathroom for approximately seven minutes. A passing student reported smoke coming from the bathroom.

According to police, the student started the fire when he placed a lit cigarette in the trash can.

"After the fire department verified the building was safe to re-enter, students returned to the building and returned to regular schedule after lunch," Holmgreen said.

The student, believed to have started the fire, was located and arrested on campus. The student was transported to the Judge Ricardo Garcia Juvenile Detention Center in San Diego. He was charged with arson.