Eusebio DeLeon was sentenced to life in prison for a 2012 murder that occurred in Brooks County Tuesday.

DeLeon pled guilty to the murder of his estranged wife Erika DeLeon on March 27, 2012. Testimony in the case was presented to a jury in Jim Wells County about the events leading up to the tragic day as they would determine DeLeon's punishment.

The trial was moved from Brooks County to JWC due to the notoriety of the case. According to Brooks and JWC District Attorney Carlos Garcia, the victim and the defendant were well-known in the county so in order for Eusebio to get an impartial jury a change of venue was requested.

In 2013, Erika was found at her residence in Brooks County by her brother. She had been beaten with a five-pound dumbbell and had an ironing cord around her neck. She was taken to the hospital where she later died from her injuries.

The couple had a history of domestic violence.

According to Garcia, the medical examiner determined the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

This case was set for trial for January 2014, but was postponed when Eusebio fled.

Prior to his trial date in December of 2013 Eusebio cut off his ankle monitor and fled to Michigan. He was arrested two days later after a tip to Texas Crime Stoppers was made. He was extradited back to Texas.

He later escaped for the second time and was detained by Mexican police in Monterrey, Mexico in April 2017. United States Marshals in Laredo took custody of Eusebio.

After the jury sentenced Eusebio to life in prison in JWC he was returned to the Brooks County jail where he will remain until he is transferred to a Texas prison.