In the past three months Alice police responded to more than a dozen burglaries of vehicles, criminal mischief and two thefts of firearms on the northeast side of town.

After a lengthy investigation police arrested 24-year-old Tommy Ruiz in connection with the burglaries, criminal mischief and firearm thefts in a parking lot on the 1300 block of East Main Street.

When officers approached Ruiz they observed a tazer on his person. The tazer was also stolen.

According to investigators, Ruiz allegedly stole jewelry, wallets, purses, credit cards, cash and change, backpacks, gym bags, sunglasses, bluetooth speakers and firearms.

One of the firearms that was stolen was from a border patrol agent. The firearm was returned to the agent.

Police received a tip stating the Ruiz had the stolen property in his bedroom.

Investigators warn the community no to leave property in their vehicle and to make sure the vehicle is locked.

Ruiz was transported to the Jim Wells County jail.