In the aftermath of the massacre of hundreds of police officers, school students and citizens in American these past few years, it is critical for law enforcement agencies, school districts and local officials to unite and begin a coordinated effort in closing the gap of information sharing response times, according to Benavides Police Chief Corey Martinez.

On Friday, March 9, the Benavides Police Department hosted the South Texas Information and Technology Infrastructure Consortium (STI-TIC) Project Workshop at the Coastal Bend College Alice to enable South Texas local law enforcement agencies and school districts to come together and acquire information about upgrading and or implementing their technology infrastructure to ensure enhanced safety for first responders, students and citizens.

The workshop was led by the Kologik Dynamic Data out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Modules discussed during the workshop included COPsync 912 and COPsync Network.

“We are pursuing grant funding to try and procure the COPsync system. I feel this system will enhance officer safety, accountability and being a better quality of life for our community,” Martinez said.

COPsync911 - (School Sync) is a real-time threat-alert service that provides the critical things you need to inform first responders when the school building is threatened or under attack. Plus COPsync911 can get them to you faster by alerting the first five officers that are in the area about the school threat.

The COPsync Network - (Law Enforcement only) is a nationally shared network of law enforcement information. Officers add new data to the Network every day as they gather information that will be important to another officer. Information in the COPsync Network is secure, accessible only by officers, and available immediately, so there is no need to wait for critical officer safety to crime solving information to become adjudicated. COPsynch is by officers.

Law enforcement agencies that attended included Alice, Benavides, Driscoll, Freer and Orange Police Departments; Duval County and Kleberg County Sheriff’s Departments; and Jim Wells Count Constable’s Office Precinct 5 and 6.

School district administration and board members that attended included Benavides, Freer and San Diego ISD. City officials from the City of Freer and San Diego also attended.