FREER - The 30th annual Freer Fair was held on March 8, 9 and 10 with exhibitors from all across Duval County.

The Freer Fair is hosted by the Freer Fair Association which is made up of community volunteers. The fair gives students a chance to earn money they can use towards their college tuition.

Grand Champion Winners were:

Jordan Benavides - steer Raylee Montez - hog Allison Valdez - lamb Kellie Martinez - goat Samantha Chapa - rabbits Eddie Garza - poultry Jessica Alaniz - kiddie calf Levi Maldonado - kiddie hog Kinzey Martinez - kiddie lamb Kylah Saenz - kiddie goat Candace Siprian - kiddie rabbit Jacob Barton - high school - metal Breeana Jackson - high school - wood Mark Dylan Adami - high school - wood and metal combo Lilyan Adami - high school handcrafts Mikayla Perez - high school food Brianna Salinas - high school photo Ashley Garcia - high school art Reserve Grand Champion Winners were:

Cole Davis - steer Gunner Montez - hog Kaleb Garza - lamb Ava Rae Gutierrez - goat Christopher Siprian - rabbits Esther Garza - poultry Julianne Benavides - kiddie calf Jessica Alaniz - kiddie hog Rene Gonzalez - kiddie lamb Caylob Alvarez - kiddie goat Kylee Perez - kiddie rabbit Greg Perez - high school metal Claudia Leal - high school wood David Perez - high school wood and metal combo Vanessa Villarreal - high school handcrafts Ian Hernandez - high school food Emma Garza - high school photo Rylee Garza - high school art Breeding Goat Class Winner Grand Champion and Reserve Champion was Cole Davis

Showmanship Winners were:

Eli Luna - kiddie rabbit Jessica Alaniz - kiddie calf Elleigh Vanek - kiddie hog Kinzey Martinez - kiddie lamb Kendrick Jimenez - kiddie goat Kierstyn Carpenter - market fryer rabbits Kellie Martinez - market poultry Javier Perez - market steer Hondo Bierstedt - market hog Madison Chapa - market lamb Kellie Martinez - market goat