Imagine getting to a place where you don't know a single person full of "loud and crazy" teenagers all excited to see you, a stranger.

Jesus Martinez Jr. doesn't have to imagine, he has been there.

Martinez is a member of San Diego High School's Interact Club and through the Rotary Club of San Diego he was able to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA).

RYLA gives high school students a chance to learn how to interact with their peers as they learn about leadership skills.

"It was an amazing experience meeting new people and I got to work on my leadership skills," Martinez said. "But that wasn't how I felt when I first arrived. As soon as I got there I thought 'Oh my God what did I get myself into.'"

Martinez was the only students from SDHS at RYLA. He learned about RYLA through his Interact Club Sponsor.

"I didn't know anyone. I felt awkward, but the friends there changed that fast," he stated. "We competed in challenges together and I quickly understood that a leader is not someone who gives orders. Instead it's someone who serves others and their community."

Martinez plans to attend RYLA next year, but as a trailblazer (counselor) not a camper.