Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno and his investigators are warning the public aware of a several scams going on in the area that has already swindled residents out of thousands of dollars.

Alice and Jim Wells County residents have received a phone calls stating that they owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Some residents have also received individuals calling them saying they are calling on behalf of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

According to Bueno, the callers are very convincing and many, regardless of age or educational background, are falling victim. 

One individual lost $50,000 over a period of time.

Investigators want people to know if you get a call where someone is saying that they'll be arrested if they don't take care of the issue they should call their local law enforcement agency to verify the situation before handling over any money.

People are also being targeted through social media sites.

Scams can happen to anyone and people need to understand there are steps to take so they do not become a victim.

1. Don't give out personal information. 

2. Check into the situation the caller is presenting.

3. Call respective parties who may be involved and law enforcement officials.