SAN DIEGO – During the Duval County Fair the Rotary Club of San Diego honored two Duval County residents for their contributions to the fair and the hundreds of kids who have benefitted from the fair.

David O. Garza

Garza from Benavides is a Duval County Commissioner and an outstanding member of the community. He is the youngest son of Nestor and Irma Garza. He has been married to Marla Garza for 22 years and together they have three beautiful children; Kimberly, Katrina and David Carlos.

He is an entrepreneur and private owner of businesses ranging from home health care to oil drilling. David is a man who is always on call for his family and friends; prepared to lend an ear and a helping hand. This same attribute is extended towards the communities in surrounding areas.

David and his family have been active members of the community for countless years. Following in his own father's great footsteps, David has taken on the role of County Commissioner of precinct 3 for the past four years. He has volunteered himself, his employees, and personal equipment to improve communities, and to aid the citizens in accomplishing their duties and needs. David was a part of the Benavides Independent School District School Board for four years. He has also donated towards local schools as he believes in a higher and greater education for all children. He has been a part of the San Diego Rotary Club for nine years and has also supported the local youth by purchasing their projects for over 15 years. David also acts as a coach for the local shooting clay and shotgun team. When it comes to benefits and fundraiser, David has never given any less than his best. He has been part of benefits such as breast cancer awareness walks, 4-H chapters FFA chapters and church festivals. During holidays, David and his family have always believed everyone should be included. Therefore, children through elderly receive donations of the Garza companies are sure to have treats prepared for the citizens.

Commissioner Garza always strives to fulfill his duties in the community to the best of his ability. He is a member who serves with pride and honor. David Garza pushes himself and his entire family to deliver a positive quality of ethic to every face they meet and every hand they shake.

Cora Carrillo

Carrillo considers her family as her greatest accomplishments. She and her husband, Fil Carrillo enjoy spending time with her children. Cora has two daughters, one son, one step-son and two wonderful grandchildren who she loves dearly. Cora has spent countless hours dedicated to serving others in the community. She is a graduate from San Diego High School who went on to become a cosmetologist. Later she worked as a community liaison for Corpus Christi Independent School District and retired after 28 years.

Cora has been a dedicated member of the San Diego Rotary Club since 2008. During her 10 years tenure she has been active in various projects such as helping with the concession stand during Pan De Campo, organizing Rotary's annual Christmas children's party, hosting the buyers social during the Duval County Fair and making sure every Rotarian has a warm meal available at Tuesday's weekly meeting.

Cora has held several officer positions. Currently, she is the clubs vice president, but often one can find her doing the treasurer's duties. For the past four years Cora has served as the non-livestock superintendent, a job she takes very seriously. She works diligently to ensure all the home show exhibitors have an equal opportunity to display and capitalize when exhibiting their projects before the judge. As the superintendent she enjoys how the exhibitors' talents and creativeness have developed throughout their years as participants.

In addition to Rotary, Cora have been active with the City of San Diego helping with the Navidena, National Night Out as President of the Neighborhood Watch. She is also a volunteer at the Alice High School, vice president for the parental advisory committee and is a member of the band booster club.