'Thank you Miss Gigi, thank you miss gigi' is what can be heard after school at the Boys and Girls Club. 

Miss Gigi is 85-year-old Guadalupe Wright, who has been volunteering at the club after her husband and more recently son passed away in 2015. She got the nickname for great-grandmother.

“I'm very happy to be part of the gang,” she said laughing.

Wright prepares the afternoon snacks for almost 200 kids who filter into the club after school. She volunteers Monday through Friday for at least three hours each day, never missing a beat. 

“She doesn't miss a day,” Executive Director Rick DelBosque said. “She is unbelievable.”

Wright prepared 200 hotdogs and poured apple juice in paper cups for the kids just before school let out. She arrives at the club by 2 p.m.

“Some are so little they can't reach the counter,” she said. “I try to instill their manners and to put their trash in the bucket.”

She is so dedicated that she schedules her doctor's appointments in the morning so not to miss volunteering.

“They are good kids, I'm very proud of them and it's a safer place and they get to meet other children,” Wright said. “They come with so much energy, they don't get tired.”

Wright was in business with her husband and son. They started with a small store selling Mexican products and it evolved to name tags, monogramming and screen printing t-shirts and baseball uniforms. The business – Wright's Sports, served the Alice area for 40 years.

She said because of her rapport with the Boys and Girls Club during her business days, she wanted to give back to the club.

“Because they did a lot of us and we also did a lot for them,” Wright said. “I don't mind, I don't want to stay home all day.” 

She celebrated her 85th birthday with a cake at the club with the staff and children.

“A lot of cake and a lot of food,” Wright said.

DelBosque said he tells her to rest. And her respond is always the same.

“My time will come when it's my time to rest,” Wright said.

Besides preparing snacks, she also assists in the arts and craft classroom. As she walked around to re-position hot dogs in a tray, some of the club members give her a hug. Outside of the club, Wright attends the Boys and Girls Club Steak and Burger and other events sponsored by the club. 

“The kids love her, she is part of the club,” DelBosque said. “She is lovable, we love having her here. She is an asset to our club.”