PREMONT – As part of the Texas Education Agency’s “School Redesign Grant”, Premont Independent School District's sustainability partnership with Benecras seeks to establish the district as a statewide leader in sustainability and operational efficiency.

In joining the Texas Sustainable Schools Fellowship, Premont Collegiate High School will undergo a yearlong sustainability program to improve performance in the areas of energy, water, waste and printing. These improvements will increase both the financial and environmental performance of the district, and will engage Premont students in the well being of their school.

“We’re excited to welcome Premont ISD as a leading sustainability partner in the State of Texas”, said Zac Ziebarth, Managing Director of Benecras. “Not only will this program directly benefit the district through cost savings and student engagement, there is an increasing opportunity for Premont ISD to become a pioneering model for school sustainability across the state.”

The sustainability program will take a holistic approach to addressing the sustainability of the district. This will include a detailed campus sustainability assessment, community outreach, student sustainability grants, and campus-wide initiatives aimed at reducing operational costs. Upcoming projects include the EcoEnergy Initiative aimed at reducing energy usage and costs, and a print management program that will decrease campus printing and costs.

“As a district we have made it a priority to maximize every dollar that’s invested in our students, teachers, and the community,” said Steven VanMatre, Superintendent of Premont ISD. “This program will ensure more dollars make it into our classrooms, while students take an active role in the sustainability of the district and community.”

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