Six officers took their oaths Monday as they joined the Alice Police Department family.

Officer Aaron Kyle Frazier, Officer Jon Carlo Jaramillo, Officer Bianca Mitchell, Officer David Ray Moya, Officer Eleocadio Reyna III and Officer Alberto Stout III lifted their right hand and were sworn in by Jim Wells County Judge Pete Trevino.

"Today is a very good day for the Alice Police Department," said Police Chief Rex Ramon. "This is their second family now and believe me, it's a family...Their lives are going to change, somewhat, not too much, but somewhat. THere's going to come a time in the near future that the support will come from because (they'll) get the call from (their supervisor) saying can you come to work and it's a Sunday...I have no doubt, in seeing these individuals we have here, that they can do the job they will be asked to do. It's an enjoyable day for me."

After the oaths, the men and women received badges. Four of the officers have no experience and are fresh out of the academy, two of the officers come with experience from other law enforcement departments.

"This is a wonderful day for Alice, adding six to our force and thank you for choosing Alice because you could've gone anywhere. Thank you to the families, the wives, the mothers, the fathers, the children of these brave people who have joined the police department," said Alice Mayor Jolene Vanover. "You don't know when you'll go home and everyday they'll leave home wondering if they'll go back."

Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno asked everyone to give the officers support, and that the officers have faith and confidence in themselves.