PREMONT - Wade Randolph was arrested for breaking into a police unit, his second arrest after his move to South Texas from California.

Randolph was arrested on Wednesday after police observed him wearing a police traffic vest. When they stopped to talk with him about how he acquired such a jacket he told them he had “taken it” from one of the department’s patrol units, according to Police Chief Fernando Garcia.

Garcia remembered the individual for a news article back in December of 2017 he read where Randolph allegedly threatened churchgoers and city employees in San Diego. The sheriff’s department transported him to a mental facility in Harlingen. However, he was transported back to the Duval County jail , but was released shortly after his return.

Randolph admitted to police that he found the driver’s side door to one of the units, and took a police duffel bag that contained vests and other police equipment.

Thankfully, there were no weapons or firearms in the bag, according to Garcia.

Police retrieved the bag from Randolph’s residence and took him to the Jim Wells County jail. He was charged with burglary of a vehicle.