A typical 9-year-old kid is full of energy and bursting at the seams for physical activity. However, for Ramon Chavarria too much physical activity gets him winded.

Chavarria has a congenital heart disease that doesn't allow him to be as active as he would like, according to his parents, Roel and Veronica Chavarria.

Ramon was born with Aortic Stenosis which means that the aortic value or vein is thinner in the large blood vessel branching off the heart interfering with blood flow, according to the American Heart Association.

Ramon is preparing to have surgery to try and correct this issue. In order to pay for the surgery, his parents and community members held a benefit.

The Chavarria's want to thank the community for their contributions and supporting their family. A special thank you to Rey and Carmen Chavarria, Rick and Lisa Chavarria, Lucia and Robert Chavarria, Linda Charria, Nina Cisneros, Megan and Jacob Chavez, Ruben and Erica Naranjo, Ralph and Mary Chavarria, Justin Olvera, Ram Cavazos, Christian Gonzales, Ben and Erica Chavarria, Wero and Andrea Chavarria, Benny Alaniz, Oscar Maldonado, Joe Rios, Mariana, Andy Chavarria, Anavel Alaniz, Ernest and Christina Hinojosa, Eddie and Vanessa Lozano, Ernestina and Ramiro Mungia, Jeorge and Margarita Garza, Oscar Araiza, Luis and Dee Gutierrez and Best Way Value.