What started as a routine traffic stop at the intersection of Second and Park Street turned into a marijuana bust Monday.

An Alice police officer conducted a traffic stop and made contact with Luis Bernal. According to police, Bernal was nervous and refused to let the officer search the vehicle.

The Jim Wells County K9 conducted an area search and alerted officers to narcotics in the vehicle.

Police found a package inside the vehicle that contained 731 grams, 1.9 grams, of marijuana.

"Alice Police Department will continue to seek out drug offenders within our community through traffic stops, search warrants, anonymous tips. We will use all resources available in combatting the war against drugs in the community," said Lt. Luis Barrera with the Alice PD. "Thank you Jim Wells County for assisting us with the use of the K9; sister agencies working together to rid illicit drugs from the community."

The 46-year-old was transported to the police station for processing than to the JWC jail where he was charged with possession of marijuana.