ORANGE GROVE - Due to the efforts of an observant neighbor, two teenagers were arrested in connection with two stolen Kubala UTVs.

Jim Wells County Sheriff's Investigators received a call about a large piece of equipment on an abandoned property in Orange Grove in the Jennifer Loop area. Investigators checking the equipment ran the serial number, but it was not stolen.

The following day the observant neighbor called again saying there was a suspicious person on the abandoned property.

Investigators went to the property and saw the piece of equipment was missing. They followed the tracks and located two Kubala UTVs and the two suspects.

Andres Perez and Brandon Hennesay, both 19, were arrested and taken to the sheriff's department for questioning.

Through the investigation, investigators discovered that one of the Kubala's was stolen from Houston and the other is also believed to be stolen from the same area.

The teens were booked into the JWC jail and charged with theft of property.