With the help of some Bernarda Jaime Junior High staff, coach and science teacher Ryan Guerrero was surprised with the January Amazing Teacher Award.

On Thursday, Guerrero walked into the main office unsure of why the staff wanted him to stop by "the principal's office." Instead of being in trouble as he thought, he learned that he had been nominated for the award from the Alice Echo-News Journal and Bowden Ford of Alice.

Guerrero returned to teach and coach at his alma mater. He graduated from San Diego High School in 2011. He's been teaching for two and a half years. He started coaching to share his love of sports, he said. However, his path took a turn when he started teaching.

"I felt I was more passionate (about teaching) than I was at (sports)," he stated. "This is more fun to me because I get to work with the kids and see them grow...My main goal is to see (students) try something new and get better and better."

Everyday Guerrero visits the junior high and high school campuses to make learning fun.

"One of my things is if they're having fun while learning, they'll learn it better and remember it," he said.

Guerrero received this award when one of his students, who wishes to remain anonymous nominated him for the award.

"Science, to me, has always been a bit easy, but I get distracted easily," said the student. "Mr. Guerrero makes it easy to concentrate on the lesson during class."

"This is surprising," Guerrero said. "I'm honored. It's my first award as a teacher."

AENJ will recognize a teacher each month until the month of May. To nominate a teacher who has made a difference in your child's life, you can click on the nomination "Amazing Teacher" button on our website at www.alicetx.com.