With his dog by his side Flynn Donoho is raising awareness and money about cancer by peddling thousands of miles across the country; more than 49,000 miles and still going.

The 59-year-old California man embarked on the journey in 2011. Donoho took off from his home in Huntington Beach, California, on a bicycle to embark on a journey to help individuals with cancer.

His journey began a year after his sister-in-law, Melinda Donoho, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a seven year breast cancer survivor. Flynn has had other family and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer; some have survived and some have lost their battle.

“It’s important to let people know that cancer affects everyone,” Flynn said. “Cancer isn’t knew and for those who have to fight the disease it can be scary."

For the last few years Flynn and his dog “Diva” have been to each state in the continental United States, some twice.

He has had several mishaps on the road over the years, such as getting hit by an 18-wheeler, getting bitten by a rattlesnake and being waist high in fire ants, but he continues to peddle along for a cause dear to his heart. 

“With God by my side, I’ll be okay,” he said. “I also have my dog, Diva, riding with me. Sometimes she walks beside me and other times she's in the trailer that I pull with my bike."

When night time falls, Flynn usually spends the night in his tent resting for another day of riding. However, his tent recently broke.

Thanks to First Baptist Church of Alice, Flynn and Diva spent a night in a local motel, and they also purchased a new tent for the two to use on their journey.

“I’m spreading awareness about cancer, but I’m not asking anyone for money,” Flynn stated. “I ask them to donate their money straight to the American Cancer Society, and I get by because people give me a place to stay, food and I’ll do odd jobs to earn enough money to get through."

Flynn doesn’t know exactly how much money he has raised because he rather have people donate straight to the American Cancer Society at www.crowdrise.com.