Alice police along with Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and the Central South Texas Criminal Investigation Unit executed a narcotic search warrant on the 400 block of Kentucky Street.

Agents hit the home at approximately 2 p.m. and immediately detained two people. Inside the home were three adults and two children. The children were released to family members.

A search of the residence led agents to find 29 grams of synthetic marijuana and to the arrest of 51-year-old Maria Anguiano. In the process of Anguiano's arrest, she told agents that her son, Ruben Rodriguez, 23, had a warrant for his arrest.

"Alice Police Department's Narcotic Division received information of illegal activity out of the residence. After conducting an investigation they were able to obtain sufficient probable cause to obtain a search warrant for a raid at the residence," said Lt. Luis Barrera. "Alice Police Department's Narcotic Division along with the Central South Texas Criminal Investigation Unit and the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office found synthetic marijuana in the house and arrests were made. We will continue our efforts on illegal drugs in the city."

Mother and son were transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Anguiano was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Rodriguez was charged with a motion to revoke for a shooting that occurred approximately two years ago.