A "round table discussion" was held Tuesday at the Alice Independent School District board room where school, city, county and church officials discussed the recent fights at the high school campus.

The meeting was prompted after a recent stabbing at the high school.

According to school officials, from Sept 5 to Dec. 15, 2017, there were 15 fights and three assaults, from Jan. 3 through the Jan. 19, there were seven fights and five assaults.

Students involved in the fights and assaults were broken down by grade levels; 11 freshman, seven sophomores, 10 juniors and six seniors.

Angela Garcia, assistant principal at the Alice High School told the attendees that there is a rumor amongst the students that if there are four fights in a week, the school will close for a week.

The attendees discussed what needed to be done to ensure the safety of the students. They agreed that the fights are not new, but what is new are cell phones and social media.

Lt. Alan Gonzalez with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department, told the school officials they need to remove cell phones from the students.

Gonzalez also told the school officials that they "are going to have a homicide" on their hands if they don't do something to combat the fights.

No solutions were agreed on at the meeting. However, this is the first of many meetings.