REALITOS - Five people were sent to the hospital Tuesday after the vehicle they occupied crashed four miles south of Realitos.

A 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe with the occupants was traveling north on Highway 359 when the driver, 51-year-old Maria Juarez lost control.

According to the Department of Public Safety Trooper, Juarez was traveling at an unsafe rate of speed on an icy road. The vehicle hit a bridge and Juarez was ejected from the vehicle.

None of the five occupants were wearing their seat belts.

Juarez had a severe laceration to her head, but was conscious. The four passengers, Miguel Moncada, Mauro Moncada, Irene Del Bosque and Alma Moncada, had cuts and bruises.

The five people from Zapata where headed to Corpus Christi.