The 16-year-old was is alleged to have stabbed an Alice High School student was apprehended Tuesday, according to police.

According to police, the suspect and the 16-year-old victim had an altercation Monday that sent the victim to the hospital.

Alice High School Principal Dr. Cidonio Cantu Jr. confirmed that an incident occurred afterschool as the teenagers and other students waited for parents to pick them up at the back of the campus.

The alleged suspect fled the scene and the victim was seen reaching for his torso where he noticed blood, according to Cantu. A security guard immediately called police to report the incident and paramedics to get the student medical attention.

However, the victim was taken to the hospital to be treated in a private car before paramedics arrived. 

Police met with the victim and his parents at the hospital. According to police, the victim said the fight began with a verbal confrontation and ugly looks. The teenagers threw a few punches and that is when the victim was stabbed. The victim also had a small laceration to the face.

The incident is being investigated by police and school officials.

The victim told police that the suspect used a two or three inch knife during the fight, police said.

The school is working closely with the Alice police on the incident. Depending on the outcome of the police investigation, administrators will determine on what the district will do next.

"Its unfortunate that this incident occurred. We will not tolerate such inappropriate behavior and as always ensuring that our students have a safe learning environment is among our highest priorities," said Alice ISD Interim Superintendent Willie Ruiz.

The victim was released from the hospital and is expected to be okay.

The suspect was taken to a detention center. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.