Alice and Jim Wells County residents gathered in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions to the Civil Rights movement Monday afternoon.

The community joined people of all backgrounds, ages and races across the nation who marched peacefully as did King in 1963.

Every year, the True Light Baptist Church celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a walk from the intersection of Carver and Encinal Streets, near the grounds of what use to be Alice ISD"s black school.

The walk ended at the baptist church.

The church celebration started off with a prayer from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church's Father Julian Cabrera. Cabrera reminded people that our lives are intertwined regardless of race, and how what happens to one person directly affects everyone indirectly.

Following the prayer the congregation and the True Light Choir took part in hymns.

Charles Johnson and Vinson Beck Jr. were part of a trivia match where they answered questions based on the life of King. Ashlee Jackson reflected on King and today's society. What would King Do in today's society.

True Light Baptist Church's Pastor Louis Randle read Bible scriptures that he said reflected on today's issues across the nation.