Science fairs winners were recently announced at the Alice High School auditorium as they received medals. The children from all Alice schools walked the stage and waited for parents to take photos.

Alice ISD science fair winners:


Jayla Cavazos - Schallert Elementary - True Colors Addison Escobar - Salazar Elementary - Blast Off! Kristopher Ortiz - Mary R. Garcia Elementary - Egg Soak First Grade

Gavin Garza - Schallert Elementary - Hovercraft Racers Ricardo Gonzalez - Hillcrest Elementary - Do Chickens See Color Alexa Vera - Saenz Elementary - Ice Freeze Second Grade

Nicholas Casso - Saenz Elementary - Which chip is the greatest Julius Cavazos - Schallert Elementary - Stick Around Jasmin Chavera - Noonan Elementary - Chilling Soda Aiden Diaz - Noonan Elementary - Flame Out Jose Gutierrez - Saenz Elementary - Car Friction Manny Ramos - Saenz Elementary - Batter Up! Third Grade

Isaac Gonzalez - Schallert Elementary - Eggnormous London Hernandez - Noonan Elementary - Goo-Be-Gone June McCarty - Noonan Elementary - Melting Ice Damaris Rodriguez - Saenz Elementary - Love what you have been drinking Pedro Salinas - Noonan Elementary - Eggspearment Micah Torres - Salazar Elementary - Meow Time II Fourth Grade

Naiema Almaraz - Hillcrest Elementary - The Great Absorbation Jacob Arrellano - Saenz Elementary - Magnet-ficent Strength Caleb Flores - Saenz Elementary - Spinning Science Olivia Garza - Salazar Elementary - Struck by Whitening Michaela Ramirez - Mary R. Garcia Elementary - Where should you store your popcorn? Jose Ramirez and Jaydn Rios - Saenz Elementary - Zooming Plane Fifth Grade

Matthew Gonzalez - Dubose Intermediate - Eggstra Production Desirae Hughes - Memorial Intermediate - Yummy Gummy Bears Andres Perez - Dubose Intermediate - Minty Brain Power...Gum! Ayden Ramos - Memorial Intermediate - Beat It! Ciara Valadez - memorial Intermediate - Electromagnet Strength Sonrisa Zertuche - Dubose Intermediate - Who Smells Best? Sixth Grade

Kaiden Fernandez - Memorial Intermediate - Making a solid flow Aubree Gomez - Memorial Intermediate - Dangers that smoking has on lungs Arazelie Jimenez - Memorial Intermediate - Glowing Stronger Lucas Walker - Dubose Intermediate - The Chess Challenge Seventh Grade

Ashley Alaniz - William Adams Middle School - Worm Power Iseia Torres - William Adams Middle School - The Heat is On Deandra Ybarra - William Adams Middle School - Growing Pains Eighth Grade

Aileen Flores and Alejandra Flores - William Adams Middle School - Forensic Science Building Your Own Tool for Identifying DNA Allyson Cantu - William Adams Middle School - Sunny with a chance of cancer Ally Rodriguez and Mercedes Benavides - William Adams Middle School - Ground Water Pollution