With a new sheriff running the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department comes many changes which can be noted in the department's 2017 statistics.

“I'm impressed with the diligence of everyone from patrol to the administration," said Sheriff Daniel Bueno. “It takes a team, a diligent team, working together... The numbers speak for themselves.”

The Drug Indiction Team seized a total of $1,685,358 in US currency, a total of 341 pounds of marijuana and a total of 33 pounds of cocaine. After the money is awarded to the sheriff's department and distributed among other agencies, any money the sheriff's department stays with goes into the drug forfeiture fund expenditure to be used for equipment such as the new units, body cameras, uniforms and K9 officers.

The department forwarded 1,002 cases to the Criminal Investigation Division for review, and 353 of those are presently active and pending investigations. There are 135 cases pending evidence analysis at the Texas Department of Public Safety Laboratory. Sixty-two percent, or 517 cases, have been closed by the department by forwarding them to the district or county attorney's offices for disposition, or closed by all leads being exhausted.

For the year, under the new administration the narcotic division, executed 23 narcotic search warrants in the communities of Alice, Orange Grove, Premont and Rancho Alegre. The department has seized over $23,000 believed to be proceeds from the sale of narcotics. A total of 44 individuals have been arrested for narcotics trafficking. Deputies have confiscated 9.12 pounds of marijuana, 2.5 pounds of synthetic marijuana, 87 pounds of cocaine, 7.1 ounces of methamphetamine (crystal), six grams of heroin and 350 pills of Xanax.

There has been a total of 3,700 incident reports, 2,119 citations, 2,056 warnings. A total of 2,369 bookings from all agencies, 893 of those bookings from Jim Wells County deputies.

From May 2017 through December 2017, 65 sex offenders were registered.

Twenty-six training classes were put on for the year, a total of 769 hours of training and 236 "students" taking courses.

In the year, the patrol and transport division covered 960,516 miles.

"I'm very very pleased and impressed with the hard word and commitment put forth by everyone in this department," Bueno stated. "These numbers show what can be accomplished."