In order to clear out the evidence locker, the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office is waiting on orders that will let them destroy marijuana that has been stored for decades.

The sheriff's department is waiting on paperwork from the district attorney's office, according to Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

Approximately 4,500 pounds of marijuana. The oldest marijuana bundle is wrapped in plastic and the writing is starting to fade. According to the sheriff officials, the oldest bundle in the evidence locker is from 1979/1980.

All the older marijuana is ready to be moved once orders and the location is released to them. Sheriff personnel will travel to a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) secure and undisclosed location to destroy the marijuana.

In Jan. 2017, Alice police destroyed nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana.

In 2015, agencies across the State of Texas confiscated 39,873 pounds and 14 ounces, as well as 26,560 plants, according to the DPS 2015 Crime in Texas statistics.

Texas law enforcement officers seized 243 marijuana gardens, 1,033 wild marijuana fields, 5,311 cultivated marijuana fields and 75 marijuana greenhouses; a total number of all marijuana plants seized in 2015 was 26,560, according to DPS.

Every law enforcement agency in the State of Texas must report arrests and seizures made annually. According to DPS officials, the agencies keep a log of the narcotics seized and narcotics destroyed.