San Diego - Ellison Crider shared his knowledge of what the Rotary Foundation is and how in can benefit San Diego Rotarians Tuesday.

Crider is the District Rotary Foundation Chair and the 2019 - 2020 District Governor Nominee. He talked about how the Rotary Foundation is used locally and worldwide, and the good the foundation does good worldwide.

According to Cider, top 10 2016 USA Charitable Organization out of 8,000, according to Charity Navigator, and also named the 2016 Outstanding Foundation by Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Cider mentioned water projects in Honduras and Guatemala, Global Grant Scholarships, and the Diabetes treatment and prevention in Mexico. He also went into details about how to donate to the foundation.

At the end of the hour meeting and presentation, Rotarians had the chance to ask additional questions about the foundation.