SAN DIEGO - An update on the Duval County financial freeze was given during Duval County Commissioners Court meeting on Monday.

According to County Auditor Matt Garza, the county implemented the financial freeze in November 2017 to put the brakes on spending, unnecessary spending and not go broke. 

Garza along with County Tax Collector Robert Elizondo predicted that an estimate of 94 percent, $6.5 million of taxes would be collected.

According to Elizondo's numbers, in the first 90 days of the fiscal year the county had collected 41.67 percent of taxes. The county needs to collect 58.33 percent to reach this year's estimate.

Garza could not comment on whether or not the county had ever been in a financial freeze. Garza has only been the county auditor since January of 2017.

Garza told the commissioners and County Judge Rocky Carrillo that they just are not collecting taxes as fast as they normally would.

As part of the financial freeze, if an item is not on the current budget the item must be presented to Garza and Elizondo, who would determine if it is a necessary expense.

Each commissioners court meeting Garza and Elizondo will give an update on the financial freeze and depending on taxes collected may lift the financial freeze "little bit at a time."

If the county does not meet the 94 percent estimate the commissioners and Carrillo will have to make more adjustments to the budget.

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