A Jim Wells County Sheriff's deputy, who was under investigation for claims that he acted inappropriately, resigned.

Sgt. Lucas Thompson turned in a letter of resignation that went into effect on Jan. 4 where he thanked the sheriff's department for the opportunity to work with the department.

"I did not want this false accusation distracting me from doing the important job of law enforcement, or interfering with the smooth day to day operations of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's (Department), so I tendered my resignation without force or threats of any kind," Thompson stated. "Once my name has been cleared, as I know it will, I intend to continue a career in law enforcement wherever (the) opportunity arises."

Thompson was placed on leave without pay on Dec. 28 after Alice police began an investigation began after a woman made allegations about inappropriate conduct.

According to the police blotter, the incident was reported on Dec. 22 and an Alice police officer was dispatched to 700 block of Parr Street at 4:38 p.m. The case was labeled as “official oppression and abuse of power” in the blotter.

Alice Echo-News Journal filed a Freedom of Information request on Tuesday, Dec. 26 for the police report.

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, AENJ received a letter from Christina Flores, assistant city attorney that stated the city is requesting advice from the Attorney General before releasing any information the case, because it is an open investigation and may lead to criminal charges.

Thompson joined the sheriff's department in August 2015 and was in the Criminal Investigation Department before his resignation. Before joining Jim Wells, he worked as a police officer with the Victoria Police Department.