The 18th annual Tejano ROOTS Induction Ceremony was a night full of energy brought by the musicians, artists and broadcasters who helped and continue to influence Tejano music.

Approximately 65 musicians, artists and broadcasters were inducted to the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame.

The annual event kicked off with a dance on Friday night at the Jim Wells County Fairgrounds.

During the Induction Ceremony at the Veteran's of Foreign War Hall, the David B. Gonzalez was honored as the Favorite Son of Alice. Gonzalez was excited to receive the award, but passed away the Monday, Jan. 1, according to his widow, Barbara Gonzalez.

Barbara and David's brother, Oscar B. Gonzalez accepted the award on his behalf.

“My husband knew he was receiving this award and was very excited and happy about it. He started his professional career at the age of 17. He went to Vietnam and when he came back he started playing mariachi music…,” Barbara said. “With my husband’s recent passing, this award means so much. He greatly deserved it.”

David played with different musicians throughout his music career. He played with El Duo Tejano de Oscar Garza and was one of the original members of Mariachi Los Gallero. He also played with Conjunto Falcon de Joe Moreida and with Conjunto Bernal. He also recorded and played with El Conjunto de Chano Cadena.

According to Oscar Gonzalez, David was right in the middle of the Tejano movement as it began in the City of Alice.

Sunny Sauceda was the first band to kick off the evening with an energizing performance. Sauceda was this year’s male entertainer. He thanked God, band and fans for his award.

One by one, artists and musicians climbed the stairs and received their award while bands prepared their equipment on stage to entertain the packed hall.

Others inductees for the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame Class of 2017 included:


1. Joe F. Carreon Jr.

2. Henry "Pepsi" Pena

3. Joe Pepe Sanchez

Progressive Band

Teddy Martinez Y Grupo Oro

1. Teddy Martinez

2. Mariano Castro

3. Bobby Garcia

4. Dennis Bosquez

5. Eloy Palacios

Female Entertainer

1. Stephanie Lynn

The Joe Lozano "Este Lunes" Award Promoter

1. Ken Nuanez

Javier "JV" Villanueva Lifetime Achievement Award

1. Lupe Saenz

Pioneer Tejano Award

1. Epifanio Martinez

2. Cruz Villarreal Martinez

Million Dollar Band


1. Armando "Kido" Alba

2. Jesse Lopez

3. Roy Jiminez

4. Victor Rodriguez Jr.

5. Jose M. Martinez

6. Jose Manuel Chapa

7. Jose Eusebio Sanchez "Joey"


1. Paul Estrada

2. Martin Garcia

3. Xavier Isidro Lopez Jr.

Bajo Sexto

1. Martin Huron Solis Jr.

2. Epifanio Martinez Jr. "Epi"

3. David Trevino

4. Lonnie Gonzalez

Bass Guitar

1. Chente Montez

2. Lupe Herrera

3. Joe "UNA" Rodriguez

4. Rueben Arizmendez

5. Jose Rene Munoz

6. Carlos Gonzalez

7. Hector Gutierrez


1. Jay Johnson

2. Abel Guerra

3. Robert Lopez


1. Albert G. Castillo

2. Edward Rositas

3. Roy Rositas

4. Chris Sanchez


1. Andrew "Andy" Cantu

2. Francisco Gonzales III "Franke"

3. Joaquin Chavez


1. Luis Ramirez

2. Placido Vargas Jr. "Junior"

3. Albert Garcia Jr. "A-Train"

4. Carlos Rodriguez

5. Henry Guerrero Lozano

6. Leti Urbina


1. Hector Gutierrez

2. Juan Antonio Rodriguez

3. Wally De Luna


1. Sam Paul Jones

Greg Paredez Bajo Sexto Award

1. Tony Saenz

Sound Engineer

1. Leonard Guerrero

2. Lorie Maldonado

3. Ricardo "Rick" Ortega Sr.

4. Joshua Longoria

Amadeo Flores Accordion Player Award

1. Leandro P. Guerrero

Armando Marroquin Sr. Historic Hall

1. Los Flores, Beeville, Texas

Special Recognition Award

1. Noe Lerma