The driver of a dark colored Chevy Cobalt slammed into the back of a Ford F150 that was being towed on Highway 44 near County Road 156 Thursday afternoon, confirmed Department of Public Safety Trooper Juan Garcia.

Ruben Ruiz, driver of a white Lincoln Navigator, was pulling a white Ford F150 driven by Hector Lugo. The vehicle's had on their emergency lights as they traveled west on Highway 44.

Ruiz and Lugo had just left Ruiz's business minutes before the accident occurred.

"We had just left my shop," said Ruiz. "We got into the crossover and I looked both ways. There was no one coming for about half a mile. All of a sudden I felt like I was being hit by a train...I don't think he saw us."

Reymundo Garcia Jr. struck Lugo from behind causing Lugo to hit Ruiz. The strap that connected the Navigator and the Ford F150 busted from the impact.

Garcia was transported to the hospital via ground ambulance.

Family and friends of the three men were at the scene of the accident to check on them.

Alice Fire Department and Jim Wells County Sheriff Deputies were also on the scene. The crash is being investigated. No citations were issued at the time.