Seven-year-old Joshua Fonseca fulfilled his birthday wish recently by giving his birthday presents away.

While most birthday boys can’t wait to see what presents friends and family will get them Fonseca was ready to give his away.

Before his birthday on December 2, Fonseca surprised his parents by telling them he wanted a “Giving Party.”

On Saturday, December 9, he collected his birthday presents from his family and friends to donate to local children for the Christmas season. He also used his birthday money to buy additional gifts.

At a young age, Fonseca understands what it means to be thankful for what he has and to give to those who are in need.

Fonseca is the son of Hilda and Maury Fonseca. He attends St. Elizabeth as a first grader, learning about the alphabet phonics and preparing for the Christmas program.

Joshua was excited to give to others who are in need. He dropped off the toys at the Alice Echo News Journal Office shortly before Christmas. The staff than delivered the toys to the Jim Wells County Probation Office.