Despite Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno's warning about how illegal 8-liner establishments are the county, a couple of individuals opened and began to operate an establishment.

"I warned them about two months ago," Bueno stated. "They came into my office to discuss (the establishment). I told them it was illegal to have such an establishment in Jim Wells County, but they still opened one."

Agents visited the establishment located near the intersection of Highway 281 and Farm-to-Market 1930. The operators were given a letter to cease and desist all operations. If they refuse to obey the sheriff's orders, the department will seized property, equipment and persecute to the extent of the law.

"They aren't allowed in the the county and the State," Bueno said. "Until the legislature passes a law that says otherwise, the 8-liners are illegal. It is our duty to protect the residents of Jim Wells County from the danger theses establishments bring."

No arrests were made this time. The sheriff's department continues to investigate 8 liner establishments.