SAN DIEGO, TX - The 34-year-old man who allegedly threatened churchgoers and city employees was transported Thursday to a mental facility in Harlingen.

San Diego police confirmed that Wade Clayton Randolph of Long Beach, California told churchgoers at a catholic church on the 400 block of South Victoria Street that he was going to kill them and set an example.

According to Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez, Randolph disrupted a funeral mass on Monday, but the incident actually began the evening before.

"We should all be concerned, considering what has been going on around us throughout the nation and most recently in nearby Sutherland Spring, Texas. During this time we as a community should be alert of our surroundings, continue without any disruption with our lives and if they do find something suspicious or out of the ordinary, REPORT IT," Sheriff Ramirez stated in a Facebook post.

A churchgoer attempted to restraint Randolph, but he fled and ran across the park to city hall. Before police could arrest Randolph, he ran inside city hall and threatened the employees.

According to witnesses, the suspect had a gun. However, no weapon was found.

According to San Diego Police Chief Richard Nava, witnesses perceived Randolph had a gun because he had both hands inside his pockets.

Randolph had just moved to town from California. He had been at the city hall prior to the incident attempting to get a permit to sell computers out of his apartment, according to Nava.

Randolph was transported to the Duval County jail and charged with terroristic threats.

While Randolph sat behind bars, Duval County Investigators made contact with two women who resided in the same apartment as Randolph North Mier Street. Investigators learned that Randolph and one of the women had just moved to town four days prior to the incident.

A search of the apartment by investigators did not lead to any weapons, according to the Ramirez's Facebook post.

Investigators did learn that Randolph is a current mental health patient and was probably not taking his medication properly. They also learned that Randolph had never harmed anyone physically, but could be verbally abusive.

Randolph is expected to return to Duval County after a complete evaluation.

"The above incident is proof that we as a community should be, one aware of our surroundings, two when confronted with something suspicious or just seems out of the ordinary, and three report it to the proper authority," Ramirez wrote. "We here at the Duval County Sheriff’s Office make every effort to be proactive rather than reactive. Some people may find this aggressive policing, but because of the times we live in, I’d rather nip a problem in the bud (than) wait for a unacceptable incident to happen."