Out-of-towner arrested for burglary

Officers were alerted to an alarm at a business on the 1900 NW Atkinson Boulevard. Officers responded and found the back door had been tampered with. A search of the property led officers to find Cornelius Thomas hiding in the parking lot of a nearby hotel. Police spoke with two of Thomas' coworkers and discovered they were in town for work. Thomas was arrested and charged with burglary of a building. He was taken to the Jim Wells County jail.

Woman arrested on traffic stop

Marivel Garcia was arrested Saturday morning during a traffic stop on the 900 block of South Cameron. Garcia was found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana. The officer was notified that Garcia had several warrants out of the City of Alice and Jim Wells County. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and taken to the JWC jail.

Suspect assault correctional officers

Alice police responded to a call Tuesday about a man who was laying in the middle of the road on East Fourth Street. Officers made contact with Levi De La Garza who was highly intoxicated. He was transported to the JWC jail. De La Garza was to be transported to the hospital for medical clearance from the jail. Inside the ambulance, the suspect punched two jailers before he was tased. He was charged with two counts of assault on a public servant, two counts of resisting arrest and public intoxication.