SAN DIEGO, TX - A 34-year-old California man was arrested by San Diego police Monday after allegedly threatening to kill churchgoers and city employees.

According to San Diego Police Chief Richard Nava, Wade Clayton Randolph told churchgoers at the catholic church on the 400 block of South Victoria Street that he was going to kill them and set an example.

A churchgoer attempted to restraint Randolph , but he fled and ran to across the park to city hall.

Inside city hall Randolph threatened employees.

According to witnesses, the suspect had a gun. However, no weapon was found.

According to Chief Nava, witnesses perceived Randolph had a gun because he had both hands inside his pockets, but no one actually saw a gun.

Randolph had just moved to town from California. He had been at the city hall prior attempting to get a permit to sell computers out of his apartment.

Randolph was transported to the Duval County jail and charged with terroristic threats. Police are working on a search warrant to search the suspects apartment due to his unusual behavior.